How it works?



Izzy Drive connects with on-board computer of the car through OBD2 module. OBD2 module is a device connected to the diagnostic socket present in every car. Diagnostic socket is easily accessible and is typically located under the dashboard near the steering column. Check the location of the diagnostic socket.Check
Izzy Drive for the phone connects via Bluetooth to the OBD2 module and reads parameters such as vehicle speed, RPM, engine load, and many others. Izzy Drive sends the read data to the server where the user can have access to them through a special Web application.


OBD2 module


OBD2 module* is an electronic device that you can plug in the diagnostic socket of the car. Reads the operating parameters of a car with the ECU (Engine Control Unit) using a communication protocol compliant with OBD2. OBD2 module can communicate via Bluetooth eg using phone by connecting the with the ECU of the car. Thanks to this, Drive Mate on the phone obtains access to the operating parameters of the car.

*OBD2 module works in cars manufactured after 2001 – with gasoline engines and after 2002 – with diesel engines.


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